Linguistique 1


Composante :UFR Langues et Civilisations

Responsable(s) :

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Période : Automne

Code matière : LIA1M21


This course aims to help the students consolidate their command of English grammar through a practical approach based on exercises. It introduces theoretical elements that are useful in analysing parts of speech in terms of the nature / function interaction so as to pave the way for further linguistic analyses. It also reintroduces the basic grammatical rules necessary to a correct use of the tenses and aspects of English. The lexicology part, which is taught either in English or in French, gives an overview of the major word-formation processes, focusing on lexical acquisition.

Volume horaire CM : 12
Volume horaire TD : 12
Crédits ECTS : 3


Remise à niveau et approfondissement des connaissances grammaticales.

Amorce d’une réflexion linguistique sur le fonctionnement de la langue et acquisition des procédures d’analyse, des outils et des concepts.

Acquisition d’une méthodologie transférable à d’autres domaines (traduction, phonologie).